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About Us

Our mission is to commercialize connectivity between systems to create a fully integrated payments network that enables intelligent, transparent and frictionless processing.

We envision a future where businesses are empowered, not obstructed, by connectivity. We leverage cutting-edge technologies to provide the universal connectivity fabric between players across the financial ecosystem.


We are committed to continuous innovation that solves real-world problems, understanding that this should be an accelerant for business growth, not a limiter.

Our Story

After decades developing accounts receivable, accounts payable and payment processing products across industries, we saw firsthand the fragmentation that cripples modern finance.

We found that the biggest hurdle we had to overcome was connecting to the various ERP and other systems to get the necessary data that allowed us to provide the value we had sold to our customers. Spending weeks and months just to connect to our customer systems took focus and energy away  from developing our core product and delayed revenue realization. Connectivity and customer integration have been an issue in every product launched in the last 20 years, but there has been no real answer to making this part of the process simple.

Equipped with deep domain expertise and driven to empower businesses, we built Fabric to weave together the separate islands of the ecosystem and to enable end-to-end workflows tailored to each client’s operations.

Fabric offers the answer to a market struggling with realizing new revenue, slow growth and customer dissatisfaction.

Our Team

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