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Abstract Background

What is Fabric?

Financial Integration Satisfied.

An embeddable fabric that functions as a global multi-faceted network, interconnecting systems regardless of protocols and connectivity requirements.

Delivering Value Across the Entire Ecosystem

Payments Systems

Fabric streamlines integrations, eliminating tedious and complex integration projects, allowing Payment Systems to focus on their core business.

Corporate AR/AP/ERP Systems

Fabric enables connectivity to payment providers without requiring individualized and custom integrations.

Financial Institutions

Fabric connectivity between clients and treasury services streamlines customer acquisition while providing complete operational transparency.

DDA / Core Providers

Fabric provides connectivity to the broader payments system to provide extra services and enabling Core Providers to expand their products and services.

Funding Systems

Fabric eliminates manual processes by connecting payments, receivables and DDA information to enable automated decisioning.

Our Approach

Focused. This is what we do.
We Integrate To You. Fabric handles the connection and implementation. We do it all.
Your Connectivity. Fabric receives and delivers data that you want, in the format that you want it, and where you want it. We speak your language.
Your Connections. You pick the partners and clients you work with. You pick your data sources. We handle the rest.

Our Model


Fully Managed


Designed to handle concurrent setups, integrating with any number of end-customers, achieving speed-to-market goals.

“...This is the Future…”

Senior Vice President at a Regional Bank

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