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Providing critical capabilities for your integrations.

Universal System Integration

We integrate with all types of end-customer systems, including ERPs, Corporate Accounting Platforms, as well as in-house developed systems that are traditionally difficult to integrate with.

Multi-Layered Connectivity

We support a Client's connectivity to external systems as well as connectivity between a Client's internal systems.

Intelligent Integration Engine

With just a few steps, our domain-specific intelligent integration engine creates, from scratch, a reusable connector with a new source or client system.


Acquire System Details

Automated Integration Engine

Automated Validation


Streamlined Onboarding

Rapidly onboard new clients and customers to the connectors with ease, simplicity and confidence.

Process Lifecycle Management

End-to-end operational monitoring and validation providing full visibility into various metrics and enabling automated and manual remediation.

Data Repair

Automated correction or rejection of data driven by configuration-driven rulesets. Intelligent self-healing ensures expected outcomes. 


Automated balancing of all data across connected endpoints with detected deviation analysis, alerting and details.

“...There is definitely a need for this type of Product…”

Executive Director at a Top 5 Bank in the US

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