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Abstract Background


AI. Blockchain. Connected. Embeddable. Intelligent. Unified. 

Embeddable fabric as a global infrastructure connecting and unifying the bill-pay and cash-flow management ecosystem. Send, receive, pay, finance and reconcile invoices through one network. Set preferences for how and when to pay and be paid, risk thresholds and working capital goals.

What Is It?

Fabric. Connects all the pieces.

Autopilot. AI-powered cash flow optimization.

FI Integrations. Offering all payment methods.

Services. Embeddable processing capabilities.

Process Lifecycle Management. When things go wrong.

Five Pillars. One Platform. Total Success.

Intelligent Transaction Fabric

An open and standardized platform, connecting Financial, Lending, Payment Processing, Payables, Receivables, Accounting and ERP infrastructure, operating as a decentralized network of businesses and EIPP service providers.

Directly serving businesses of all sizes and enabling participating EIPP service providers to concentrate on their core services by abstracting complexities of delivery, communication, collaboration and payment processes.

Open Network

An open, decentralized, global, zero knowledge/trust, communication, collaboration and processing network connecting all the parties in the invoice lifecycle, including ERPs, accounting systems and AR/AP solutions. The network functions as the foundation on which the entire ecosystem operates. It encapsulates the rules by which the invoice and payment structure functions, but does not constrain the possibilities of integration and innovation. 

Tokenized Invoices

Invoices are represented as tokenized non-fungible assets, exchanged on the network between entities, by means of instantaneous, atomic, transactions.


The network connects all parties involved in the invoice lifecycle and ensures seamless communication and collaboration. Entities do not need to know about, or have a direct connection to, the other entities. You provide the information, the network ensures it gets to the appropriate party.


The core of the fabric is the shared ledger blockchain that provides the underlying storage of information held on the network. The blockchain provides an immutable register of all actions and information placed on the network that is peer-reviewed and validated for consistency and integrity.

Tokenized Funds

Funds are represented and exchanged on the network by utilizing a tokenized payment instrument that abstracts the complexities of differing FI integrations and payment rails, and provides instantaneous fund transfers between entities involved in the transactions.

Cash Flow Autopilot

AI-assisted cash flow optimization, through smart payment orchestration and financing options, resolves working capital pain points.

Intelligent Payment Orchestration

Automatic customization of payment sequences, timing and payment rails, based on contracts, terms and other inputs maximizes liquidity and minimizes fees.

AI Powered

Flows, decisions and outcomes are controlled by the AI Engine, operating both autonomously and as an on-demand agent, that continuously analyzes, evaluates learns and optimizes based on real-time payment behavior.

Financing Options

Direct access to working capital solutions is integrated into the decision-making processes and enables payment flows to take advantage of best terms.

Smart Disbursement

An intelligent disbursement engine understands invoice and contract requirements and facilitates conditional or scheduled release of funds.

Connected Financial Infrastructure

Built-in FI integrations offer payment methods via tradition and emerging payment rails and utilize Open Banking for optimization analysis

Traditional Rails

Traditional rail integrations including ACH, Wire and real-time payments for funding and disbursements.

Tokenized Deposit Rails

Integrations into DLT-based deposits on JPM Coin, Mastercard MTN and others allow for the access and delivery of funds as tokenized deposits on these emerging financial networks


Card integrations provide the ability to take advantage of the flexibility offered by card rails, including acquiring funds from P-Cards and disbursing funds by issuing vCards or crediting directly to saved cards.

Embedded Banking

Embracing and utilizing the enhanced capabilities offered by financial institutions for security, simplicity and user trust.


A rich set of embeddable services providing for all needs of the invoice lifecycle that are built into the platform

Invoice Processing

Intelligent processing capabilities for the ingestion and analysis of invoice information into the network.

Compliance & Security

Designed with regulatory and compliance requirements ingrained into the workflows and processes.


AI-assisted, Automated, intelligent system to eliminate hurdles and bottlenecks in integrations with the platform.


Complete views into all aspects of the invoice and payment flows, including bank statements, provide for all reconciliation needs and requirements

Process Lifecycle Management

When things don't go as planned, with self-healing as the platform's core design principle, services also include AI-assisted issue analysis and corrections.

Real-Time Monitoring

Automated monitoring and analysis of payment flows provides metrics and alerts for reporting and troubleshooting.


Past, current and future state of payment workflows is provided via reporting generated from the monitoring and prediction systems, providing complete visibility into the state of any payment at any given time.

Workflow Predictor

Intelligent prediction logic takes monitoring information and calculates next steps and timeframes for payment processes that are being executed, providing visibility into future state and expected outcomes.

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