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Throughout the invoice lifecycle, and across the ecosystem, the Fabric provides solutions leveraging its unique integrated connectivity, streamlined data delivery, and cashflow-focused intelligent payment processing.

Integrating business systems with the Fabric...
Graphic of Fabric
Delivers powerful solutions to key players in the invoice lifecycle:
  • Single automated connection to send and receive eBills

  • Unified/connected view across AR, AP, Banking and Working Capital solutions

  • AI auto/assisted Cash Flow optimization

  • Automated Payment orchestration and fund transfers

  • Choice of AP or AR payment methods and timing

  • Automated reconciliation

Business Systems (ERP, Accounting, etc.)
  • Direct and seamless delivery of invoices to recipients without requiring established communication channels

  • Unified retrieval and presentment capabilities

  • Integrated payment approval workflows

  • Integrated payment processing and orchestration with built-in FI connectivity

Service Providers
  • Wider electronic reach

  • Strong tech processing platform

  • Use of embeddable services

Supply-Chain Financing
  • Access to payment history and business information

  • Risk-based AI-assisted decision making

Assistance Programs
  • Direct/purpose-specific funds application

  • Transparency and auditability

And all integrations benefit from the universal advantages provided by the Fabric:
  • Seamlessly integrate with global payment rails to enable frictionless settlement

  • Access embedded banking services

  • Ensure regulatory compliance

  • Digitize and tokenize invoices and associated information

  • Exchange value instantly within the ecosystem using tokenized payment instruments

  • Leverage blockchain architecture for immutability, transparency and auditability

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